Fashion design has been the love of my life and a hobby itself. Although I graduated from the school of business and management, I’m able to combine the acquired knowledge from the said school with my hobby. In addition, Surakarta (Solo), the place I was born in, is a town of culture and Batik. The women therein are those with manner, unique, and beautiful. Bringing those values in mind, I believe that every woman in the world, no matter who you are, is endowed with inner and outer beauty. Every woman is, therefore, outstanding in her own way.

If we really know how to match our appearance with our body, age, seasons, and occasions, I believe we already have a very good understanding in the eye-appealing science. By embracing those characteristics, I devout myself in haute couture world. Many fashion shows has, ergo, become a site in which I put the love into a full blossom.

A perfect woman has to look elegant, sexy, yet feminine at the same time and it is of a great pleasure to incorporate those parameters into my works. And just like fashion gurus keep on uttering, I believe that the perfection in life is indeed achievable.